Fun fall dating activities

Some people buy their costumes on the day of Halloween, while others begin planning theirs in the middle of July.

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Embrace the small town charm, the cute outfit (hunter boots plaid button down = harvest chic), and the hot apple cider.

Watching a scary movie with all the lights off is so uniquely fall — remember ABC Family’s (I refuse to call it “Freeform”) 13 Nights of Halloween? If scary movies aren’t your thing, try an essential back-to-school movie that will make you long for Ticonderoga pencils and shiny binders.

Fall is on our side when it comes to dressing comfortably, and nothing is about to stop us from drinking hot chocolate in our favorite cardigan.

There’s nothing like the leaves changing in the fall — the burst of warm colors (deep umber, burnt orange, fiery burgundy) against the crisp air is soul-cleansing.

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