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Address: Williamsburg, 103 North 3rd St., New York, NY What else to see and do: Read the previously written works under The Sketchbook Project Image Source: No matter how amazing, the usual 'Wine and Dine' dates are bound to get you bored after a while.

The idea of having a story to tell afterward- of how the food turned out to be pretty okay or how hilarious the entire deal was, only adds up to this flavorful exploit.

Address: 306 W 57th St, New York, NY What else to see and do: You can enroll for regular or weekly classes, to relive the date again.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons Perfect for adventure buffs, the Adirondacks, with its rocky terrains, well-paved hiking trails and ski resorts provides ample opportunity for indulgence; and to spend some exciting moments together.

If climbing seems too strenuous to you for a date, go fishing in the clear lake, instead.

Just watching the splendid views of the mountain tops while treading through its trails is enough to kindle the romantic sparks between you.

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