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When you get married and vow to love "for richer or for poorer," it doesn't mean relinquishing your financial independence.

Since women often bear the brunt of their family's financial stresses, experts say it makes sense for women to have a credit identity separate from their spouse.

According to data from the American Psychological Association's 2008 Stress in America survey, women are most likely to report stress related to debt, family finances and the economic climate.

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He advises all women to build a credit score by establishing credit in their own name.

"Without a credit history, women who experience changes in their marital status can have problems maintaining or obtaining credit," he says.

Not only have singles found relationship, but many found also other friendship or just had a good time.

Meeting strangers is always exciting, you never know who you are going to meet.

Credit scores are also available for a nominal fee.

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