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Unfortunately, while the profile and e-mail are essential parts of online dating, it is apparent that people have no idea how to use them effectively.

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Just know that it’s annoying as anything to do when you don’t have any means of transportation. Vidoy - Also spelled Vidui, a confessional prayer recited during Yom Kippur, and at various other times.

There are few topics in Jewish society which can simultaneously evoke rage, empathy, and unsolicited opinions and advice as Jewish dating.

If you need a translation that’s not listed here, just ask. Aicha - A megilla that is read on Tisha B'aav, which is a major Jewish fast (and all-around very sad) day. (We usually are.)Boobah - Term of endearment - it means ‘doll’ in Hebrew and people like to say it to their kids. Involves lots of time at Synagogue praying in the morning. Some people pronounce it as 'Yuntif’ but I cannot do it.

In general, people are not supposed to extend greetings to others on Tisha Ba'av in keeping with the somber spirit of the day. I started saying it ironically to my cat but now I can’t stop. Their security is VERY thorough and tend to ask all their questions in a very casual, conversational sort of way. Pesach - Passover (If you’ve never heard of Passover then I can’t help you. )Purim - The lazy definition would be to call it Jewish Halloween.

Furthermore, I have personally adopted a “no dating congregants” policy, meaning my religious communal experience of synagogue attendance is uncharacteristically devoid of any pretense of trying to impress women.

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