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With three seconds remaining, the Tigers were stopped at the Mustang's 17 yard line, and quickly called their final timeout. Her skirt and panties were yanked down, giving her the impulse to start kicking.

Masculine hands took charge of her ankles, anchoring her in place as shoes and socks were removed.

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Naked as the day she was born, Pepper blushed fiercely as the onlookers laughed at her discomfiture. " Tom straddled the end of the bench and bent forward, bringing his face near Pepper's pelvis.

She wriggled and squirmed, trying to cover herself, and made garbled sounds of protest. Lots of hands grasped her exposed flesh, lifting her, tilting her, and lowering her to rest on her back on a nearby bench. Pepper had raised her head, eyes bulging with incredulity, as Tom grasped her labia and parted them. Ladies, give Mark a hand and help prepare this bitch for him." The cheerleaders stripped off their minuscule outfits and rushed forward naked, and an instant later, Pepper felt their hands all over her.

There'd seldom been games with crowd noise any louder than today. Not looking where she was going, she ran into a wall of flesh!

The rivalry wasn't just between the teams, or the cheer-leading squads. A wall that wrapped arms around her, pressing her own arms behind her back.

She'd run into the head cheerleader of their traditional rivals, the Silver Mustangs, quite by chance. "Your stupid Tigers will look like pussycats, when we get through with them tomorrow.

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