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"You only get one life," he explains at the start of this scene.

"Some people bucket list is to jump out of a plane, mines is to be a porn star!

There's an obvious sexual attraction when Manny Killa meets Bandit for the very first time, and the nervous energy and flirtation between them as they smoke and drink and show each other funny videos on their phones is both cute and amusing to watch. " Bandit shyly teases our promising new star when they return to the hotel room late at night.

My only hesitation in putting these two together was whether Manny's THICK nine-inch dick would be "too big for Bandit." Now that he's had a few "bottoming" scenes under his belt, was the quietly sexy straight boy from the 'hood brave enough to take on the challenge of his BIGGEST DICK yet?!?

Regardless of the answer to that question, my dick was rock-hard in anticipation of watching him try!

Luh Redd will once again be the envy of many as he gets to DEEP-THROAT the straight thug's big dick and hungrily feast on that amazing ass.

After enjoying Luh Redd's impressive oral and ass-eating skills, Trapp is finally ready to let the world watch as he fucks a guy in the ass for the VERY FIRST TIME!

But what better time than the holiday season to make your BBA porn dreams come true?

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