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In October, nine people were found dead from carbon monoxide poisoning in rented vehicles near Tokyo.The suicides were organised by two women who met over the Internet and tried but failed in a previous attempt to kill themselves together.

I've come to Tokyo to find out what's behind this phenomenon; why more and more young people are seeking each other out on-line to die together.

ANDREW HARDING: And there are thousands more apparently sincere messages about pills and despair and death.

Andrew Harding of the BBC 'Newsnight' program examines how the Internet and suicide have come together in Japan with the most tragic consequences, with more than 30 deaths since October. Seven strangers who'd just met on-line in a suicide chat room drove out of Tokyo and up into the mountains.

They'd planned everything meticulously by email: the sleeping pills, the charcoal burner, the remote location.

Authorities found the rented van in a deserted mountain lot after a friend of one of the seven who had received an e-mail hinting at suicide called the police.

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