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When Reaper (Robert Random) , the leader of a murderous biker gang, is released from prison on a technicality, he swears revenge on Wade Olson (Jason (Flesh Gordon) Williams. When the police discover that their motorcycles are concealing heroin, Waco (Robert Porter) and his motorcycle gang hide out in a desert convent.A highway patrol man (Billy 'Green' Bush) hunts down the gang after they kidnap a nun, Sister Anna (Tippy Walker) and flee the convent.

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Uses many elements from other apocalyptic type films and of course Seven Samurai. Six girls are on their way to Las Vegas to sing in a T. Yep there is a handy bunch of bad guys (with ghost town digs) ready to make things rough...

and an undercover biker/cop (Jason (Flesh Gordon) Williams) on the scene to make things tough on the bad guys.

The men try to hide her among them but the Japanese threaten them with torture to give them information. Ingrid Pitt is the star of this one written by Brian Clemens.

With Jack Hedly, Patrick Wymark, Michael Ripper (of course! BA The sheriff of Nottingham (Peter Cushing) plans to confiscate the estate of a lord who has died on Crusade.... A former boxer turned cab driver, has to hide from the police when his badgering wife is murdered by the jewel thief she was having an affair with. With John Payne, Peggie Castle, Evelyn Keyes and Brad Dexter.

The life of the radioactive nomads occurs within the colorful tents where they frolic and have sex. BAThe Solar children, a group of dwarves who left the circus, are trying to start a settlement in the Kyrgyzstan wilderness just after the breakup of the Soviet Union, but are harassed by your typical gang of badass bikers.

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