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For example, a booking fee or service charge can also be a processing fee or commission.The delivery fee can be known as a transaction fee or order processing fee.

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Even then, pay cash to avoid a service charge, as some venues will charge you a fee for paying by credit card.

The term used to describe extra charges varies among different ticket sellers.

Even opting to collect your tickets at a venue's box office rather than having them delivered to your door often attracts a charge from official ticket sellers, as does email delivery of tickets where you print them out yourself, such as Ticketmaster's Ticket Fast service.

Often, the first a consumer hears about a ticket seller's service charges is when they go through to a sales site or phone line to book the tickets, so don't rely on promotional advertising to give you the full price you'll pay when you buy tickets.

Rather, the rules that relate to ticket charges are founded in the Committee of Advertising Practice Code (or CAP Code), which is administered by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

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