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Actually I have about 10.00 credit because I paid too much to them.I would have to say that the emblem second chance card is a good opportunity for someone that has defaulted on a past debt and is trying to clean up thier credit.

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I recently received a letter from Jefferson Capital Systems, LLC, informing me I was selected for the Emblem*Master Card credit card" fresh start solution program with an opportunity to satisy a debt, and to receive a new Mastercard.

Thinking this was legitiment because this company had my account number, the amount of the debt, my address, etc.

If you're complaining, then you have probably done something wrong...

I had the same reaction when I was presented with this opportunity that seamed too good to be true. Nearly 2 years later I have managed to boost my credit score by using this card and I have not had a problem with the Emblem card in any way. I RECIEVED THE SAME LETTER AND I WENT AHEAD AND DID THE PROGRAM.

If you find that there are unpaid debts that you have, you can contact the company directly using the contact information on your credit report.

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