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Consequently a good section of our own two-mile entry road was also badly damaged.

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To recap: after the torrential rains of this past winter, Highway 1, pretty much the only access to the Big Sur for nearly 80 miles except for a narrow windy road over the mountains just south of us, suffered numerous landslides, mudslides and rock slides, too many to be counted.

The worst ones were just to the north and south of our own property here on what is known as the south coast.

Every registered person is required to account for VAT on an Invoice Basis.

Accounting for VAT on an Invoice Basis generally means that in relation to supplies made the registered person accounts for the VAT in the earliest taxable period in which: •an invoice for the supply is issued, or •any payment is received •delivery of goods and services takes place.

,700,000.00 have been donated to local and national non-profit organizations, as well as the Niles Scream Park funded college scholarships for students at Niles, Cassopolis, Brandywine, Dowagiac and Edwardsburg High Schools!!

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