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"I signed us up for the summer reading club at the library," the visitor announces, as she plops her rump onto the rug in front of the tub, setting her bag down beside her. 'Cause you're wet and…" Chelsea trails off, her thoughts disintegrating. " her companion chirps, bouncing with enthusiasm, resembling Tigger the tiger. "The psychic fleetingly known as LL Cool Rae decides to humor her girlfriend. " she gushes, sliding onto the chair in front of her vanity table.

"I put your card back in your wallet.""Get anything good? "I know I'm kinda old for it, but I found this really cute book in the juvie section – . And before her companion can utter two syllables in response, her tongue is demanding access to Raven's mouth. Urging her lips asunder, Chelsea probes the familiar orifice, tracing the ridges and grooves of the hollow interior. "Without further ado, the redhead places her hands over her eyes. "Okay, Chels, you can go ahead and open your eyes now.

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Meanwhile, Chelsea and Eddie set up for the renaissance dance, with Chelsea as the queen, but she easily lets the power get to her head.

Chrave."Caramel Creams Kisses" is the long overdue sequel to my first Chrave story, "Cotton Candy Kisses." If you haven't read that one, or if you would like to read it again before you begin reading its sequel, just click on my name, Allison Lindsay, and you can access the story via my profile.

In one hand, she holds a canvas tote bag, in the other, a flat rectangular box.

Approaching her girlfriend, Chelsea greets Raven in her customary perky fashion. ""Hey, boo."Chelsea bends at the waist and pecks Raven on the cheek.

Her long black tresses are piled atop her head and held in place with a pink plastic claw clip. The bath toy bobs up and down, like a buoy in the ocean.

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