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Unlike now, the pill was not widely available and would have been socially unacceptable even if it had been.

Although the rules of the game change, some things remain the same; back then there were ‘nice girls’ and there were the ‘other girls’.

The names have been changed but otherwise the story is as it was told to me.

It has been both painful and arousing to confess all that happened and to re-live some of the more exceptional aspects of our relationship but I am so pleased I have done it.

Telling everything has brought back memories of what turned out to be one of the most exciting times of our lives.

She actually encouraged me to caress and kiss her breasts and after a while initiated me into the world of cunnilingus, something very daring that was hardly even joked about in those days.

Even now I can remember the powerful aroma that emanates from Kate’s vulva when she is aroused.

Despite this, by modern standards she and I were still relatively inexperienced in sexual matters when we got married in 1964.

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