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I'm embarrassed that I failed to credit @danielclowes for his original graphic novella Justin M. I was truly moved by his piece of work & I knew that it would make a poignant & relevant short.

I apologize to all who assumed I wrote it." A few days after that statement, however, La Beouf started taking the concept to extremes.

Over the past year, Shia La Beouf's behavior has gone from precocious and unpredictable to downright bizarre.

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With that level of commitment to his work, it's not surprising that La Beouf wanted to drink moonshine for "Lawless" or drop acid for 2013's "Charlie Countryman." "There's a way to do an acid trip like 'Harold & Kumar,' and there's a way to be on acid," the then-26-year-old actor told USA Today.

"What I know of acting, Sean Penn actually strapped in to that (electric) chair in 'Dead Man Walking.' These are the guys that I look up to."In 2013, La Beouf was poised to enter the world of theater with a Broadway production of "Orphans" that co-starred Alec Baldwin. In December 2013, La Beouf was accused of plagiarizing the work of author Daniel Clowes for a short film.

After a string of commercials, TV and movie appearances, La Beouf found fame at 14 as the star of Disney's "Even Stevens." The comedy ran from 2000 to 2003 and earned the young actor an Emmy for outstanding performer in a children's series.

"Holes" wasn't the only movie La Beouf worked on that year.

In response, the former child star quoted French soccer player Eric Cantona: "When the seagulls follow the trawler, it is because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea." Later on at the "Nymphomaniac" premiere, La Beouf showed up on the red carpet wearing a tuxedo and a paper bag over his head.

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