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Where appropriate the API also supports Web Form (HTTP POST) requests for operations allowing seamless integration with web applications.

The API supports transaction processing and token processing with other areas planned. Different HTTP methods imply different operations, for example retrieval of information from the database is handled by the GET operation, while updates are handled by either POST or PUT requests as appropriate.

For nearly all operations, requests and responses are defined within a Java Script Object Notation (JSON) object.

TOKENISE); Address ad = new Address(); Address Line1("123 Fake Street"); City("Melbourne"); Country Code("AUS"); Post Code("3000"); State("VIC"); Contact Details cd = new Contact Details(); Email Address("[email protected]"); Personal Details pd = new Personal Details(); Date Of Birth("1900-01-01"); First Name("John"); Last Name("Smith"); Salutation("Mr"); Order Address ba = new Order Address(); Address(ad); Contact Details(cd); Personal Details(pd); Order Address sa = new Order Address(); Address(ad); Contact Details(cd); Personal Details(pd); Order Item or_item_1 = new Order Item(); or_item_1Description("an item"); or_item_1Quantity(new Big Decimal(1)); or_item_1Unit Price((long)1000); Array Of Order Item order_items = new Array Of Order Item(); order_Order Item().add(or_item_1); Order Recipient order_recipient_1 = new Order Recipient(); order_recipient_1Address(ad); order_recipient_1Contact Details(cd); order_recipient_1Personal Details(pd); Array Of Order Recipient order_recipients = new Array Of Order Recipient(); order_Order Recipient().add(order_recipient_1); Order or = new Order(); Billing Address(ba); Shipping Address(sa); Order Items(order_items); Order Recipients(order_recipients); Shipping Method("Boat"); Order(or); Customer cust = new Customer(); Customer Number("1234"); Address(ad); Existing Customer(false); Contact Details(cd); Personal Details(pd); Days On File(1); Customer(cust); Fraud Screening Request fs = new Fraud Screening Request(); Perform Fraud Screening(true); Device Fingerprint("Example Device Fingerprint"); Fraud Screening Request(fs); resp = s.submit(txn);use BPOINT:: API; use Data:: Inspect qw(p); $BPOINT:: Sender::base_url = "https:// my $cred = BPOINT:: Credentials->new( username => 'APIUser Name', password => 'Passw0rd', merchant_number => "5353109000000000" ); my $cc = BPOINT:: Card Details->new( card_number => "4444333322221111", expiry_date => "0521", cvn => "123", card_holder_name => "MR C CARDHOLDER" ); my $address = BPOINT:: Address->new( address_line_1 =>"123 Fake Stree", address_line_2 => "", address_line_3 => "", city => "Melbourne", country_code => "AUS", post_code => "1234", state => "VIC"); my $contact_details = BPOINT:: Contact Details->new( email_address => '[email protected]', fax_number => "0123456789", home_phone_number => "0123456789", mobile_phone_number => "0123456789", work_phone_number=> "0123456789"); my $personal_details = BPOINT:: Personal Details->new( date_of_birth => "1900-01-01", first_name => "John", last_name => "Smith", middle_name => "", salutation => "Mr"); my $customer = BPOINT:: Customer->new( address => $address, contact_details => $contact_details, customer_number => "1234", personal_details => $personal_details, days_on_file => 1); my $shipping_address = BPOINT:: Order Address->new( address => $address, contact_details => $contact_details, personal_details => $personal_details); my $billing_address = BPOINT:: Order Address->new(address => $address, contact_details => $contact_details, personal_details =>$ personal_details); my $item = BPOINT:: Order Item->new( description => "An item of some description", part_number => "1", quantity => "4", shipping_number => "1234", unit_price => 1099); my @item Array = ($item); my $order = BPOINT:: Order->new( shipping_address => $shipping_address, billing_address => $billing_address); @ = @item Array; my $fraud_screening = BPOINT:: Fraud Screening Request->new( perform_fraud_screening => 1, device_fingerprint => "Example Device Fingerprint"); my $req; $req = BPOINT:: Transaction Request->new( action => "payment", amount => 2000, currency => "AUD", credentials => $cred, card_details => $cc, order => $order, customer => $customer, crn1 => "Perl Test 1", type => "internet", sub_type => "single", merchant_reference => "Perl Merchant Reference 1", tokenisation_mode => 3, fraud_screening_request => $fraud_screening ); $result = $req->submit();var BPOINT = require("./BPOINT_API/index.js"); var api = new BPOINT(); var cc = new api. Requests import Credentials, Transaction Search Request credentials = Credentials("APIUser Name", "Passw0rd", "5353109000000000") request = Transaction Search Request(credentials) request.base_url = "https:// request.action = "payment" response = request.submit()require_relative "API/BPOINT" cred = BPOINT::"APIUser Name", "Passw0rd", "5353109000000000") req = BPOINT:: Transaction Search req.base_url = "https:// req.credentials = cred req.masked_card_number = "444433...111" response = req.submit()import com. Txn Search(); Url("https:// var creds = req.credentials(); var resp = req.submit(Response Handler, // Custom Callback Function function(code, body) , // Error Callback Function creds); HTTP/1.1 200 OK Cache-Control: private,no-store,no-cache,must-revalidate,proxy-revalidate Pragma: no-cache Content-Length: 1689 Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8 Set-Cookie: ASP.

NET_Session Id=nguhp2vlyqra1iz0se3h1zmo; path=/; secure; Http Only Access-Control-Allow-Origin: * Access-Control-Allow-Headers: Content-Type Access-Control-Allow-Methods: GET, POST, OPTIONS Access-Control-Max-Age: 1728000 Date: Fri, GMT POST https:// HTTP/1.1 Authorization: d XNlcm5hb WV8b WVy Y2hhbn Rud W1i ZXI6c GFzc3dvcm Q= Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8 Host: Content-Length: 292 Expect: 100-continue Connection: Keep-Alive include ("./API/BPOINT.php"); BPOINT\URLDirectory::set Base URL("reserved","https:// $credentials = new BPOINT\Credentials("APIUser Name", "Passw0rd", "5353109000000000", BPOINT\Mode:: Live); $hpp Parameters = new BPOINT\Hpp Txn Flow Parameters(); $hpp Parameters->set Tokenise Txn Check Box Default Value(false); $hpp Parameters->set Hide Biller Code(false); $hpp Parameters->set Hide Crn1(false); $hpp Parameters->set Hide Crn2(false); $hpp Parameters->set Hide Crn3(false); $hpp Parameters->set Return Bar Label("Return Bar Label"); $hpp Parameters->set Return Bar Url(" Bar Url"); $iframe Parameters = new BPOINT\Iframe Parameters(); $iframe Parameters->set CSS(".control-label"); $iframe Parameters->set Show Submit Button(true); $dvtoken Data = new BPOINT\DVToken Data(); $dvtoken Data->set DVToken("5999999789012346"); $dvtoken Data->set Expiry Date("0521"); $dvtoken Data->set Update DVToken Expiry Date(false); $custom Field = new BPOINT\Custom Field(); $custom Field->set Custom Field("A custom field"); $custom Field Array = array(); $custom Field Array[] = $custom Field; $fraud Screening Request = new BPOINT\Fraud Screening Request(); $fraud Screening Request->set Perform Fraud Screening(true); $fraud Screening Request->set Device Fingerprint("Example Device Fingerprint"); $fraud Screening Request->set Customer IPAddress(""); $fraud Screening Request->set Txn Source Website URL(" $fraud Screening Request->set Custom Fields($custom Field Array); $txn = new BPOINT\Auth Key Transaction(); $txn->set Action(BPOINT\Actions:: Payment); $txn->set Credentials($credentials); $txn->set Amount(20000); $txn->set Currency("AUD"); $txn->set Merchant Reference("Authkey Request"); $txn->set Crn1("Authkey Crn 1"); $txn->set Crn2("Authkey Crn 2"); $txn->set Crn3("Authkey Crn 3"); $txn->set Redirection URL(" $txn->set Tokenisation Mode(3); $txn->set Hpp Parameters($hpp Parameters); $txn->set Amex Express Checkout(false); $txn->set Iframe Parameters($iframe Parameters); $txn->set DVToken Data($dvtoken Data); $txn->set Fraud Screening Request($fraud Screening Request); $txn->set Bypass Three DS(false); $response = $txn->submit();from BPOINT.

Create Process Txn Auth Key(api Req);var BPOINT = require("./BPOINT_API/index.js"); var api = new BPOINT(); var hpp Parameters = new api.

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