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Most Arab Christian Catholics however are originally non-Arab - with Melkites and Rum Christians being Arabized originally Greek-speaking Byzantine populations.

Arabized Catholic Melkite Christians of the Byzantine Rite, who are either referred as Arab Christians or Greeks, number over 1 million in the Middle East.

Politically, the Middle East of the first four Christian centuries was divided between the Roman Empire and the Parthian Empire (later Sasanian Persia).

Christians experienced sporadic persecutions in both political spheres.

There are currently several million Christian foreign workers in the Gulf area, mostly from the Philippines, India, Sri Lanka and Indonesia.

In the Persian Gulf states, Bahrain has 1,000 Christian citizens Although the vast majority of Middle Eastern populations descend from Pre-Arab and Non-Arab peoples extant long before the 7th century AD Arab Islamic conquest, a 2015 study estimates there are also 483,500 Christian believers from a previously Muslim background in the Middle East, most of them being adherents of various Protestant churches.

The number of Armenians in Turkey is disputed having a wide range of estimations.

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