Draya and drake dating who is ashton kutcher dating september 2016

Then we see the big calendar that's been popping up throughout the film to show the progression of time and it clearly shows the 14th (Valentine's Day) as a Tuesday.

“Black Ink Crew” star Ceaser was on the Breakfast Club recently to promote the upcoming season six premiere. At the end of the day, Dutchess found me in a magazine I was already in; Urban Ink.

Robert (Henson) picked the wrong time to meet his soul mate!

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Pearson told Radar that she and the Bravo star’s husband only met for s*x in Atlanta and “we never had a situation where we were in public here.

It never caught my attention that was going on.” She claimed that Berry was in a panic after the photos surfaced and asked her to lie to cover up nature of their true relationship.

She also called out “Black Ink Crew” producers for wanting her to serve fake papers, because the lawsuit was never going to happen.

The whole thing Ceaser is talking about, apparently, was allegedly made up by the producers. Dutchess’ mom jumped into the fray and corroborated Zandrea’s claims, saying they have “receipts” of Dutchess paying $25,000 of Ceaser’s child support.

Jackie have parted ways, the woman he was spotted with, 27-year-old Natasha Pearson, claims she had no idea he was even married until their time together became a hot topic on the blogs.

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