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If you do it the hardcore way—which is to go to Amazon, find the product you want to link to, click the “Get Link” button on the grey stripe bar (assuming you’re logged into your Amazon account), switch to the text tab, copy the text link, bring it back to your site, and post it—you will spend a lot of time just creating links.

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Ultimately, my family and I have been incredibly blessed.

And, now, if possible, I’d like to try and pass that blessing along by sharing with you what I’ve learned in my time as an Amazon affiliate.

Since then I have built multiple profitable niche sites/blogs and my monthly income has continued to increase.

To date, I have sold well over $15.5 million in products (click here for proof through January 2016) as an Amazon affiliate (note, though, that that number isn’t my commission) and that number keeps going up every day.

I’ve used this strategy with some pretty astounding success.

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