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Not sure what this bit of post is, but I do know I really need to pull my finger out and get my #Boston Marathon race report written up...


And when that means hanging out with friends, making plans for BBQS & travelling the world and running through London on a Summer evening, family nights are the best nights.

#Run Dem Crew #Crew Love #Bridge The Gap #Good Vibes Only ...

7.5% is considered the bottom; more reputable places will give 8 or 10%.

Then there's something called "escalation" where if your book has sold a certain number of copies (say, 20,000) the royalty rate will rise because at that point the publishers have earned back all the money they spent on producing the book and are willing to give you a little more.

#Run Dem Crew #Crew Love #Bridge The Gap #Good Vibes Only #Family RUN DEM CREW // EAST Tuesday nights are family nights.

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