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We said "No" however and there was no high pressure to buy and we were treated exactly the same after refusing the offer.

You will be asked several times to take the "tour" so get it over with at the beginning of the week and remember the name of your tour guide and then just tell any one else that asks you that you already toured.price is low, because they want to get you there -- once there, you have to go to this presentation to sell you the vacation club........other than that minor inconvenience, everything else is great -- beautiful grounds, clean rooms, friendly staff.........language barrier can be frustrating, though, if you don't speak spanish & the food wasn't great, but everything else is absolutely beautiful!!!

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The price is so low because you will be asked to take a tour and you will be pitched a vacation package.

The package is not a time share and it is reasonably priced.

It is 5 American Dollars per person and the bus is really comfortable inside. Call this taxi driver he have a nice mini van good rates and might be cheaper cel 809 499-4184 and see what rates he will work out with you.

Once the bus stop in Sosua Puerto Plata you can take a cab from there to the resort which will be about 10 dollars. If you are using Cheap to book, i believe one of their options are to chose transportation to and from. You are greeted at the airport (make sure its who you booked) and take it from there (plus alittle tip is always in good nature)Yes, very clean, very accomodating.

This must be done no later than 48 hour prior to arrival. If you were to add transfers to your package from Santiago airport instead it would be $45.50 per person each way. The Turinter Tours representative will help you make the best of your holidays and will assist you by providing helpful information about the hotel, surrounding areas, local customs and more. Local cab fair in Puerto Plata is $30-$50 depending where you go in the area.

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