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Wearers not only have a fun shirt, but are part of an inside joke with Beyoncé. ) While the rest of the world sees an innocent tee with a cute lil’ cartoon surfer or cherries on a stem and thinks “Point Break fanatic” or “stone-fruit enthusiast,” those who have listened to Beyoncé every day since its December release (or are advanced emoji-sexters) can decode the hidden message: I’m pro-female orgasms and a master of advanced aquatic sex positions.It is not unusual for young adults to feel anxious about the voyage home for Winter break.

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To the 310 million monthly active Snapchat users, many of whom are in their teens and early 20s: Sorry, but old people are about to crash your party. And that is exactly why the app is exploding in use, even recently overtaking Twitter in terms of daily users.

(I’m not even 40, and I’m one of them.) To the hip kids who have grown up with the four-year-old short video sharing app: It is with regrets that admittedly I may even incorrectly explain some of how this service—with its myriad of odd features—works. A social network where people share photos and short videos for just 24 hours, Snapchat is the answer to the Internet’s problem of never forgetting.

” A younger sibling will be sent in for more social inquires. ” When your grandmother was your age she may have already been married with kid number three on the way.

Now, she is popping eight pills a day and made the drive on her bad knee to spend the holidays with you, all for the hope that you’ve got the ring and you’re setting a date for the big day.

No one is calling you fat, but if your mom, the person who has tracked every inch you’ve grown and pound you’ve gained since birth, notices a difference to the point that she is practically hiding the bread basket from you at dinner, maybe it’s time to check in with the scale because numbers don’t speak in code.

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