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Many leaders rely on research and data for decision-making to manage daily operations, for example, but during times of disruption, waiting for hard data to make decisions can quickly result in failure.Leaders must be comfortable using whatever information they have on hand, integrating inputs from diverse sources around them, and then using their intuition to round out the decision-making process.But few leaders are formally prepared to deal with the realities of leading or responding to disruption.

I have developed five strategies to address the inherent uncertainty of disruptive innovation and change.

Falling under the acronym LEAPS, each strategy contains specific principles that provide the basis by which leaders harness uncertainty, ambiguity, and even surprises to reinvent their organizations and industries.

During Target’s breakthrough growth years, the Target team used its own instincts to infuse everything with leading edge design, from transforming store layouts to creating partnerships with designers like Philippe Starck.

Consumers didn’t know what they had been missing when going to Wal-Mart or Sears until Target showed them how “Tar-zjay” could give them “cheap chic” in a way no other retailer could.

Leaders like these don’t get bogged down in data, but rather find opportunities to deliver an entirely new level of value.

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