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If you are not a big "God server" or if you are finding yourself to be a bit drained or even miserable when it comes to the kind of serving that you're currently doing, then that's your cue to seek some divine wisdom (James 1:5) on where you need to be so that you can serve God in a way that will bring you a high degree of pleasure, satisfaction and enjoyment.

Take it from me, ministry can be some *really hard work*; however, when you're where you're supposed to be, it can also bring forth a lot of joy.

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"Aside from how emotionally debilitating it is to be in a rebound relationship living with the ghost of the previous relationship, whether it’s the effects of it or the imprint of this person who may even still be lingering in their lives, it’s not your job to make a person who is unavailable due to not being over their ex, available. If you participate in this hot mess, not only will you compromise you greatly and put you in the position of ‘campaigning’, but you’ll basically nurse them out of unavailability and prime them for their next relationship.

Either that or you’ll nurse them until it becomes clear that you want them to be available and then they’ll move on to the next Buffer and keep moving until one day they emotionally implode.

*Just by being herself*, he did it *all on his own*.

If you're not familiar with Tizrah, according to the Torah, the first time that the name is mentioned is in Numbers . Biblically, there is something very *relevant* about the word "delight".

Equally, you’d be better off fixing / healing / helping you instead of avoiding facing your own issues and using ‘potential’ as a way to seek validation in your attempts to right the wrongs of your past.

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