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He's also made regular appearances on TV's "Modern Family" and "Fox NFL Sunday."From 1998 to 2003, Mo Rocca was a regular correspondent for "The Daily Show." Since departing, he's become a correspondent for "CBS This Morning" and frequently pops up on the radio show "Wait Wait ... "Samantha Bee was the longest-serving "Daily Show" correspondent, having been with the show from 2003 to 2015.A show on TBS -- like CNN, a unit of Time Warner -- is in the works.

, opening May 27, and Munn, 35, worked hard to make her character believable.

So, yes, she will be swinging her own swords and doing many of her own stunts—which required six hours of training a day split between taekwondo, sword fighting and wirework.

Rob Riggle was a veteran of "Saturday Night Live" when he joined the show as its "Senior Foreign Correspondent," drawing laughs for his "reports" from the Iraq War.

(He's also a military veteran, having served in the Marines for 23 years.) Riggle left the show in 2008 and has since had supporting roles in numerous movie comedies.

“The more believable it is, the better it is for the audience,” says the actress, who is dating Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

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