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All rights in the Philippine Constitution and those rights recognized under international instruments duly signed and ratified by the Philippines, in consonance with Philippine laws shall be rights of women under the Magna Carta of Women.

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If the violation is committed by a private entity or individual, the person directly responsible for the violation shall be liable to pay damages.

Further, the offended party can also pursue other remedies available under the law and can invoke any of the other provisions of existing laws, especially those that protect the rights of women.

• Equal access and elimination of discrimination against women in education, scholarships and training.

This includes revising educational materials and curricula to remove gender stereotypes and images, and outlawing the expulsion, non-readmission, prohibiting enrollment and other related discrimination against women students and faculty due to pregnancy outside of marriage; • Equal participation in sports.

These include, but are not limited to women in the following sectors or groups: Small farmers and rural workers, Fisherfolk, Urban poor, Workers in the formal economy, Workers in the informal economy, Migrant workers, Indigenous Peoples, Moro, Children, Senior citizens, Persons with disabilities, and Solo parents.

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