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But for those who are not in the same situation, I would encourage you to not let your ostomy hold you back.

I believe you will find the other person won’t be bothered by it and will more than likely be supportive. Why would you let something silly like a bag on someone’s stomach get in the way of that? I know this is entirely from the woman’s perspective.

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Like I said, one of my first questions once I decided to go through with the surgery was, “how is this going to affect my sex life?

” Thankfully I had a surgeon who this wasn’t his first go-round and he knew it was probably a question I had so he brought it up without making me have to. Sex has always been a little difficult for me, as I’m sure it is for many people living with Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis.

There’s no rush to tell a potential partner, but if you feel that you would rather tell them sooner than later, go ahead!

Whatever feels most comfortable and natural for you is what should be done.

My stomach might be hurting and I’d be concerned about upsetting it even more. But I love my husband and I know that sex is an important part of a healthy, long-term relationship. I am very glad that I have an understanding husband who is willing to be patient and let me take it at my pace.

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