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I think that’s a whole new way of meeting people, because they didn’t have Twitter and Instagram when Mel and I were teenagers.

Now it’s more open and I think a lot of young guys like and appreciate an older woman, especially if you’re keeping fit and well and taking care of yourself like Mel does.

The singer is 14 years Mel's junior, but it's not the first time the Boddingtons Bitter star has gone for a younger man - though her last marriage to roofer Jack Cockings — 16 years her junior — ended in chaos.

The experience doesn't seem to have put her off toyboys though - and Lizzie is in full support.

It’s so much more refreshing having someone young, with a good sense of humour and fun.

Do you want to be with someone who falls asleep on the couch at 9pm after watching Coronation Street? I think nothing will make her feel younger more than a younger man.

If you’re going out with a younger guy, you do have to be young at heart – if you’re not, it’s not going to work. They do have more energy and they’re usually fitter and more eager to please than an older guy who’s set in his ways and wants to go to sleep early.

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