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They need to be open to get “Frische Luft” (fresh air).

But they need to be closed because “es Zieht” (there’s a draft).

Festivals range from colourful folk spectacles to medieval celebrations, from weird sport events to sophisticated entertainment in the arts.

There's probably not a weekend that goes by without a fair, a festival, or a concert.

(I still have a soft spot for Schlager.)Frosted Flakes, Trix and Lucky Charms never made an appearance on our Fruhstuck’s Tisch (breakfast table). and the Aufschnitt (cold cuts) was always presented nicely on a Fleisch Platte with a special fork … The Germans always find a Butcher and Baker somewhere within 100 miles of the house… I had Mettwurst, Teewurst, Deutschen Salami, Gelbwurst and on really good days… on my brown (or black) crusted rye bread wrapped in waxed paper.

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