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As IRF4 contributes to the pigmentation of human skin, hair and eye. In geographical areas distant from the equator, less-pigmented skin, hair and eyes have been under positive selection, presumably due to the fact that this optimizes use of available ultraviolet radiation (UVR) for vitamin D3 generation.

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We identify 63 MPB-associated loci (P39% of the phenotypic variance in MPB and highlight several plausible candidate genes (FGF5, IRF4, DKK2) and pathways (melatonin signalling, adipogenesis) that are likely to be implicated in the key-pathophysiological features of MPB and may represent promising targets for the development of novel therapeutic options.

The data provide molecular evidence that rather than being an isolated trait, MPB shares a substantial biological basis with numerous other human phenotypes and may deserve evaluation as an early prognostic marker, for example, for prostate cancer, sudden cardiac arrest and neurodegenerative disorders..

Male-pattern baldness (MPB) is a common and highly heritable trait characterized by androgen-dependent, progressive hair loss from the scalp.

Here, we carry out the largest GWAS meta-analysis of MPB to date, comprising 10,846 early-onset cases and 11,672 controls from eight independent cohorts.

DKK2 encodes for a member of the family of dickkopf WNT-signalling inhibitors, which are reported to be secreted by dermal papilla cells Fig. 2(DPCs) in response to androgens and to promote androgen-induced (premature) anagen-to-catagen transition (Fig. An interesting focus for future research will be to map androgen receptor (AR) binding sites in DPCs and other hair-related cell types to test for enrichment of MPB-risk variants.

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