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Exhaust must just start to open at 65 degrees BBDC and close at 29 degrees ATDC. The race was based on a long standing argument about valve-lash adjustment.The guy who adusted with a degree-wheel won the race.

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Our friend Terri, who for years did all the work on her Isuzu P'up diesel, has mentioned it is one of those things people say not to do but tend to do anyway although very carefully. Personally, Jim Bob's idea makes me nervous because I don't know what could go wrong if we tried turning the pulley and made a mistake. A way that i found that works well is to put a wrench in the IP nut and your other hand on the crank. Its really just a personal preferance that the more you work on it you'll develop your own ways of doing it.

The ps pump will only turn the engine if the belts are really tight. I actually "pull" from the front so I can look at the timing mark and see when it hits tdc.

Many people tend to adjust their valves to quiet the engine down a bit - especially when they get a bit loose and noisy.

The true meaing of valve-lash specs is to get the valve timing where it was designed to be.

After careful deliberation I have decided the druid release date: Strythowe'en!

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