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Characters: (Descriptions are left up to the artist) Ann- The wife, has an amazing body worthy of a porn star. The upright living V of a bouncer is visible at the edge of the photo, the upper and lower borders advertising 'Amateur Contest, Every Wednesday Night. She knew things had been tight, but last week there had been 0 in their checking account. I guess a degree in modern dance wasn't the smartest choice," she looked at the ad again, "The only thing I could do is work at the local strip club... " Tom recognized the tone in her voice, "It says right here... The winner gets 0." "Bullshit," Tom scoffed, "Let me see that." He looked at the ad. "That would pay the rent, but I don't think I could dance nude." Ann shivered at the thought.Win 0.' "I hope you find something interesting in there," her husband said, setting his pencil on the check register, "It's the last paper we'll be able to buy for awhile... "This credit card payment and the electrical bill wiped us out." He reached for the Classifieds section, "If I don't find a job soon, we're in real trouble." Ann looked at the ad again. He visited three or four businesses a day, jobs he was grossly overqualified to do, jobs that paid minimum wage, part time jobs... They're hiring dancers." "Right," her husband rolled his eyes, "That's so funny." Suddenly Ann was angry. "I know." Ann's eyes narrowed angrily at her husband's unintended sleight. Ann hated to admit that she was nervous, but she was holding her husband's hand very tightly.That’s what it is, about growing the game and giving people opportunities.” Creamer noted that in 2014, The Masters began including the Drive, Chip and Putt, a competition for junior golfers that is held the Sunday prior to tournament week. I had an awesome time.” Not lost on Creamer either is that just a year ago, Pinehurst hosted the U. “We have a very short member season at Augusta National. “The time that we dedicate to the preparation and conduct of the tournament is already extensive.

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“There is no reason why you can’t revisit things and you can’t look at it,” Creamer said.

“You know, I think somebody’s got to speak up and say something.

But, as Rosie Jones’ girlfriend reveals, it’s not all fun and games.

Plus, the women that I know who have LPGA player girlfriends are usually at home bored while their girlfriends are gone for months at a time, out on tour. Open has 156 players and a $3.1 million dollar purse, the largest purse of any event on tour.

I’ve never been afraid to do that, so there is no reason why I can’t voice my opinion on it. I don’t think that people should be ashamed to talk about it.

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