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In some cases, letters are used as "in-line diacritics", with the same function as ancillary glyphs, in that they modify the sound of the letter preceding them, as in the case of the "h" in the English pronunciation of "sh" and "th".

The tilde, dot, comma, titlo, apostrophe, bar, and colon are sometimes diacritical marks, but also have other uses.

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The 46-year-old singer/songwriter wrote an unintelligible caption under the image, which was “liked” by over 157,000 people.

According to recent studies, mental illness affects more people in the black community than any other race or nationality.

But I do know that we miss the panoramic, expansive view of grace if we are focused on everyone else’s story.

Erykah Badu helped to increase awareness to mental illness by posting a shocking self-portrait on

I don’t know why God healed her family, but not your own.

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