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It is a fully Responsive Blogger Templates that supports all devices from desktop to mobile and compatible with all major browsers.This Blogger Theme lets you to set up your blog easily because we have tried to make it as user-friendly as it can get.I'm fairly happy with my profile but I believe there is room for improvement--in all areas of life.

Kudos to you for setting the bar so high, but be prepared for a long wait. You point out that I should use examples in some sections but I didn't want to get too wordy. You make some valid observations and I appreciate your review, thank you! I personally find it a little over the top but I'm proud of this accomplishment. I think it's sufficient without mentioning the awards/publishing.

I think I may go along with the majority of reviewers and not do much changing. I don't want to scare anyone away with visions of me in a smoking jacket and pipe typing away diligently in my well endowed library!

'I have a quick wit and enjoy making people laugh.'You don't need this sentence, because you have this sentence: 'For fun, I throw things at the ceiling fan and watch them fly around the room.''I am a good friend and fiercely loyal to those who treat me with respect and a staunch adversary to those who don't.'Easy to write in your profile, but an example would be more believable.

'I am not an unreasonable woman.'I would argue that you're too close to the subject matter to for objective opinions.'I am passionate, optimistic, stable, confident and secure'There are few things I find less stimulating or believable, than a string of subjective, self congratulatory adjectives - but what the hell, it's your profile.well, all kidding aside. I have won awards for my poetry and short stories and am published.

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