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The M7 bayonet is a bayonet that was used by the U. military for the M16 rifle, it can also be used with the M4A1 carbine, Steyr AUG and the IMI Galil assault rifles and carbines, and Mossberg combat shotguns.

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The interesting thing is that the hilt strap is loose and moves up and down. The front of the frog has been replaced (period) with late war thin leather face that almost appears to be like paper (style of front is more that of one for an 1895 than an 84/98).

Frog is marked as 1940 made 4th INTENDENTURA which translates as something like supply department (thank you Adam Lubas). This is marked H Carson and Co Ottowa on the hilt strap which is the lead contractor, there are no other makers marks identifiable, only 22 on back and 2 on the front French emergency bayonet frog from FP war was supplied to Chile, an example is shown in the Chilean army museum and is marked as supplied by a French company, Pictures supplied by Andrs Humberto Seplveda Salinas A full harness containing magazine pouches etc. The bandolier was made for the Spahis French North African Light cavalry recruited from Algeria and Morocco.

Comparing the quality of the manufacture with that of other 84/98's my example is at the earliest late 1943 or 1944, whilst Les's example (6,500 bayonets or a few days production) is 1941 or 1942, this shows that these bayonets were bought over several distinct orders and not one big contract.

To keep bayonets and scabbards together during refurbishment it appears that a small number may have been used on the bayonet and the scabbard to ease keeping the items together, rather than having to remember long serials it would be much easier to remember 27 or 33.

There is no photographic evidence of their use by German troops and they are most often found on VZ24 or commercial 84/98's, although at least one is reported as coming on an army blade picked up in Normandy.

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