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On November 20 the firm CME Group published an error on the company’s bitcoin futures web page stating that its new bitcoin derivatives products would launch on December 10.Later that day, the company announced it was a mistake, and that the date was incorrect.Grouper embraces the fact that our -- solo -- attempts to find love in the real world, and on our laptops, often prove futile.

I'm not exactly sure what type of business you're running, but ..." One-year-old Grouper connects people based on their Facebook profiles.

Not exactly groundbreaking: Loads of new dating apps are trying to use the massive amount of personal information on Facebook to make love connections.

"A lot of women have soured to the same old sketchy guys walking up to them at bars or messaging them on websites," he said.

"Grouper offers a filtered social club through which women can meet people in the safety of their two friends and his two friends." But unlike the site founder's own experience, Groupers don't always go as planned.

But here's where Grouper differentiates itself: The service requires the two people it connects to each bring along two friends on the date, creating 3-on-3 outings that harken back to the good old college days, when coeds did their courting in packs.

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