Dating exodus

If this is so then the gap between the beginning of the oppression (1730) and the Early Exodus would be 284 years giving 150 years for the Hebrews to multiply.

dating exodus-56

The problem of how the Israelites became "too numerous" in such a short time remains unclear on both sides though more flexibility to account for this is given by the late date.

An alternative solution is that the oppression occurred over a long period of time and over several Pharaohs.

He is "the new king who did not know anything about Joseph." Early date supporters would identify him as a Hyksos ruler.

Saying that an Egyptian could not say that the Hebrews were "too numerous".

The late date option is Amosis (1580-1558) who overthrew the Hyksos which probably induced a backlash against the related Hebrews.

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