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I didn’t have a college degree and I was just working a low-paying part-time job.Five months later, though, my site took off and I started making three times as much in Amazon affiliate commission as I was making at my part-time job.

To date, I have sold well over $15.5 million in products (click here for proof through January 2016) as an Amazon affiliate (note, though, that that number isn’t my commission) and that number keeps going up every day.

Ultimately, my family and I have been incredibly blessed.

What follows is a list of things that I have learned while participating in the Associates program…

If you’re going to build an Amazon Affiliate niche site, your first major step is to find a product (or group of related products) to build your site around.

Mark Cuban makes an offer as well, coming in at $200,000 for seven-and-a-half percent and two-and-a-half percent in advisory shares.

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