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option in the Office Manager while the Family File was open, Social Security numbers weren't hidden properly in the Family File until you closed and re-opened the Family File.

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dialog box was open on any Dentrix computer when you tried to change patient information in the Family File, you would see a message stating that a resource file was open.

(This scenario could also cause other error messages to appear.) If you cancelled the message, Dentrix would save your patient information changes anyway.

If you pressed an unassigned shortcut key (such as F5) when using the Appointment Book, the production amount (if displayed) would disappear in the top right corner of the Appointment Book. The Appointment Book New Patient status did not automatically update when a new patient was added to a family using a different workstation than the one where the new patient appointment was added. When creating a new continuing care appointment and posting a multi-code, the reason for the appointment did not update using the description for the multi-code but was instead left blank. When viewing the Hover Window for a patient with a patient picture, the Appointment Book would stop responding if the patient picture was unavailable (due to the patient picture file being deleted, moved, corrupted, and so on). Some customers would see the message "Operatory is already scheduled for requested time" when there was no visible appointment scheduled during the time they were trying to schedule the appointment. When scheduling an appointment for a patient who had more than 26 treatment case visits scheduled, any treatment case visits over 26 would be numbered using letters of the alphabet (A, B, C, and so on). Creating a Day Note for the same day from two different Dentrix computers would cause the following message to appear when trying to save it on the second computer: "Another note was recently added for this claim at another workstation.

This note cannot be saved." Now a lock is placed on the Day Note message while it is open on one computer; if another Dentrix user tries to open and edit the Day Note, a message tells the other user that the Day Note is open on another computer.

For example, it would display information for a patient in the previous list as the information associated with the patient in the new filtered list. When exporting images from the Document Center, if you specified a different file type than the current file type, the Document Center would save the file using the specified file extension but would not convert the file to the new format specified. A number of scanners set up to use WIA or TWAIN did not function properly. Using this feature, you can have a scanner save supported file types (.jpg, .pdf, .bmp, .png, .doc, .xls, and so on) to a folder you specify.

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