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“The lifesaving work being done at BC Cancer is known across Canada and the world.

A generous guest of honour, Rob Collins, came to today's event from Toronto to announce a 0,000 donation in memory of his late wife Janet Cottrelle,” said Sarah Roth, president & CEO, BC Cancer Foundation.

Our searchable database allows members of the public to identify whether unclaimed funds are held in their name.

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Instead of holding your noses and handing the Liberals another majority as you did in 2013, you boosted parties without any free enterprise smarts. I know you voters are cranky about your moribund economy and the fact that no one in your province can afford to buy their own home, without help from their parents.

NDP-influenced provinces are where the economy goes to die. I know that you are worried that taxes are high and that there is no job creation except in health care, thanks to seniors, or in tourism which employs plenty of baristas and waiters.

We hold unclaimed property as the custodian for rightful owners under the .

Our office assists holders of unclaimed property to locate the rightful owners as well as those searching for unclaimed funds.

The fact is that British Columbia has only three sustainable economic upsides: the development of energy resources, the development of mining resources, and the expansion of its critical logistics role and sector. Vancouver’s financial services head offices left with the closure of its stock exchange and the city has fewer head offices than Calgary due to taxes and high housing prices.

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