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Do you routinely fail to deliver on simple promises, like when you’ll call?

But no matter how many times you swear that you'll just be alone forever and ever, you know that just isn't true.

The best part of a heartbreak is that it eventually ends, and sometimes it ends just around the time you meet someone NEW and GREAT. You already know that you're strong enough to survive a nasty breakup.

It showed Villaluna attacking Mr Collins first, then stabbing Ms Pilapil before returning to Mr Collins who was trying to get up off the floor."Of all the cowardly and pitiless acts the offender committed on this day, his actions in returning to finish off a dying man on the ground were the most heinous," Justice Beech-Jones said."The offender interrupted his vicious attack on his ex-partner to stab a defenceless dying man that the offender had never met and only because he dared to have dinner with a woman who did not wish to be with the offender anymore."The court heard Ms Pilapil met Mr Collins through the dating app Tinder."The offender regarded Mr Collins as simply some intruder on his domain who he had the right to eliminate," Justice Beech-Jones said.

Villaluna and Ms Pilapil separated six months before the attack after a physically abusive relationship.

Jovi Pilapil was on a first date with Keith Collins at a restaurant in the Hornsby shopping centre last year when they were attacked.

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