Dating a schizophrenic

I really want to be with him, but sometimes he gets so intense and needy it makes me want to run. Hey Fiery, I married a schizophrenic knowing that he was ill. We were married less than 3 years, because he became increasingly hostile toward my daughter. He does get really hostile and negative about life.As soon as I've had distance from him, I miss all of his good qualities that other guys don't seem to have. He also gets really defensive about his source of income, which is a disability check that he spends on his 3 run down vehicles.

When I am with him, i notice more attention deficit type behaviors than any type of "schizophrenic" behavior, but then I am not sure what schiz. He gets distracted very easily and sometimes it can be annoying because we can never get anywhere on time.

The meds he's TOLD me he's on are Seroquel, Adderal, Trazedone, Klonipin and Cymbalta.

Some medicines make it worse, but some apathy will most likely always be present. The idea that schizophrenics may harm people is one of the biggests misconceptions about the illness.

We have the media to thank in a large part for that. To Unaccounted4, I met my guy in a park in Virginia. We met last year and at first were just friendship resources for each other as we were both recovering from other breakups.

I want to continue this relationship, I am just scared. Actually, if your boyfriend seems emotionless at times, it's probably not all the medicine.

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