who is lee min ho dating now 2016 - Dating a fat guy

Instead, in the popular resort towns like Pattaya and Phuket, the pool of girls to pick up is mostly restricted to prostitute and bar girls.I’ve been all over the globe to meet local women, from the hardest countries like Lebanon to the easiest like Thailand.I feel sorry to say this but: “If you can’t get laid in Bangkok, you will never get laid anywhere else in the world”.

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I’m talking about regular girls here, the one you’ll meet in malls, clubs, streets and nearby universities.

Bar girls or women in the red light districts are there waiting for you literally with open legs.

Remember, just be straight to the point and show confidence. Having sex in Bangkok is easy as going for a date, just meet the “right” girls and move forward with a clear strategy.

If you are new to the nightlife scene in Bangkok, you should know that is huge.

We went for the usual coffee, chat her up for 30 minutes.

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