Cut to chase dating

His later attempts to punish her through magic resulted in every woman in Sunnydale except Cordelia falling murderously in love with him.Cordelia was so moved by how Xander was going to use magic to make her fall in love with him that she made amends with him, giving up her popularity to be with returned to Sunnydale and kidnapped Willow and Xander, Cordelia and Oz searched for the two, both falling witnesses to Xander and Willow's kiss.

Despite her intelligence and having been accepted to the likes of Columbia University, Cordelia found herself unexpectedly unable to afford college due to her family's sudden financial reversals, and therefore, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career.

Meeting Angel at a Hollywood party, she pretended to be successful, when she was, in fact, nearly penniless, renting a dilapidated apartment and stealing food from such parties.

She became Angel Investigations' office manager while pursuing her acting career, but never broke out of commercials and plays.

When she moved into her apartment, it was now haunted by the evil ghostly Maude Pearson who harassed and insulted her.

While hiding in Buffy's basement from a demonic assassin who can transform into maggots, Cordelia and Xander shared a kiss and began dating in secret.

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