who is diggy dating - Crimes involving internet dating

In June 2007 a 44 year old truckie from Cairns appeared in court charged with no less than 103 child sex offences.

But in March 2006 a parliamentary inquiry recommended that this law should be changed to decriminalise public drunkenness.

The assistant pastor and two bible study teachers of the Open Door Korean Church at Chatswood, Sydney, had noticed that 19-year-old Angela Kim did not attend church services as regular as they would like to see.

When police arrived they found him in a not too healthy looking state and then, much to their surprise, started throwing up $50.- bills until he reached a total of $600.- He had come up with the idea to hide the evidence and eat the money!

Another couple of notes were found between his buttocks and then he was taken to hospital and kept in custody.

John Glover, also known as 'the Granny Killer' - In 19 he killed six elderly women on Sydney's north shore by sneaking up behind them and then hitting them over the head with a hammer.

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