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A solid watch, firearm, tools, and traditional, non-fad shoes can all last a lifetime and represent more than some of the other ‘of-the-moments’ that we consume and discard.

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Especially if you’re a guy who is lucky enough to have multiple suits, then you should definitely have a gray suit.

A gray suit is your most versatile suit in your dress clothes armory.

Made in America since 1922 and based in Port Washington, almost all of the shoes by Allen Edmonds are made in Maine and Wisconsin, with a few pairs made in Italy.

Allen Edmonds originally provided shoes to soldiers during World War II, and upon returning home these heroic gentlemen continued to be lifelong customers.

There are no occasions I can think of where it would be inappropriate for a normal guy to wear a gray suit instead of say, a black suit, except a funeral. But is that what you want out of your personal style?

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