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Under no circumstances will this user be entitled for any compensation or reimbursement.• Unmodifiable data: To avoid having unreliable information, the following basic data entered by Users during the registering process will not be modifiable: name, gender and age.

• Sending of programs or files that may harm the MF or users' systems, like virus, logic bombs, trojans, etc.

• Use the means provided by MF to send messages or contents not related to the service offered by MF (politic speeches, commercial promotions, etc.) MF's access to communications is limited to that information strictly necessary to value the behaviour of a reported user.

• Proactive control by MF: If MF detects that a registered User is breaching the terms of use, it will contact this user asking him to modify this behaviour.

If the user disregards the warning and continues to breach the terms of use, MF can suspend this users' profile or ban him from using any of its services.

Under no circumstances will MF access this information if the fault reported is not serious enough, being just a last resort.

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