Catholic dating sites over 50

We have lived, and most of us have suffered in one way or another.And that suffering, along with our joys, has shaped us. Sometimes suffering makes us stronger, more compassionate, more ready to embrace the joy—and the sorrow—still to come.Create your free matchmaking online dating profile and find love online today.

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What God calls us to do is to take the hand we have been dealt, and to play it the best we can, in His grace and with His guidance.

It is also true that, statistically, older singles marry at much lower rates than younger singles. First, the older singles figure includes all of the people who for whatever reason don’t want or intend to marry. It also gets more difficult to marry as we get older, because it gets more difficult for older singles to find each other.

Dear Mary Beth, I’m 58, and I signed up recently for Catholic Match.

So far I’ve been very disappointed to see the prospects sent to me.

And, if we’re Catholic, it becomes even more difficult to find someone to marry, because so many “singles” our age are actually divorced, and thus not eligible to marry in the Church without an annulment.

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