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By the end of that day I was feeling dizzy and awesome a mixture of both. "Blah blah blah" He said that I was a 73 pack year smoker. I told him I was going for 100 and he shook his head and said he... When I was fifteen, my dad was taken to jail for possession. To my utter surprise I took a cigarette out and lit one for myself. Went to many new doctor who gave me the standard speech about smoking and my obesity. I hated smoking all my life and I was one of those who'd go out of my way to counsel people to quit. i am a 2 pac a day salem 100s smoker, and i totally love everything about my smoking. But most of all I love the feeling of smoke in my throat and lungs even though it's... most of my cousins used tobacco either chew or cigarettes so i had my choice and i chose marlboro 27s about the time i was 16 and have never looked back smoke about a pack a day more when i have time and i used to smoke two packs a...

i love the feeling of pleasure i get from my comfortable habit. for me but I continue to smoke anyway because I love it so much. I've always wanted to be a heavy smoker, as far back as I can remember I've always wanted to pick up a ***, and start puffing.

i have been a smoker since high school - i am 49 now - have not had a day without a cigarette since i started. offered me one and i refused he got mad so, i smoked I know everything bad about it I could write a book I have made many blogs on iy I have tried going cold turkey and Preaching to myself Yea, it was very depressing and i felt like crap. Basically, I've been a 1/2 ppd smoker for 2 years now (I'm 19 currently), and I'm really sick of it.

artwork "Smoking Sweeties" results from the collaboration of professional and amateur models who are regular smokers.

These smoking models have been portrayed on extremely backlighted studio scenarios, through elegant smoking fetish photos and HD video interviews.

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