Cairns dating service

They say that Updated version of myself:- It's actually really nice that I have come to a stage after three years of singledom, and after considering, and realising that in the grand scheme of things it really doesn't matter at all that much about whether I am ideal for you Hi, I am Julie.

I work in the disability sector as a Teacher of the Deaf and a Sign Language Interpreter.

We were My friends say that I'm down to earth and fairly low maintenance.

99.9% of my days must start with a double ristretto piccolo and if you have no idea what I've just said then I'm afraid you and I are over before we've begun.

Luddite characteristics aside, I´m an easygoing type who is happy just to meet gay women in her region I'm pretty awesome hahaha.

Pretty chill chick, up for chats and new friends...

My musical tastes are ecclectic- soul, r&b, indie folk, alt I really hate writing about myself ..i am 46 love books, and a laugh.

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