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Burlesque talent is always glamorous but that’s where the conformity ends.

Performers come in all shapes and sizes, and so that helps audience members — including your date — feel comfortable in their own skin, and in the knowledge that the only thing separating them from the people on stage is some lingerie and a high-powered glue gun.

On a Thursday evening at The Clocktower, longtime host Pierre Jean Pierre — a faux Frenchman who will tell you he sounds more like a Mexican because of how long he’s lived in Denver —leads the laughs with jokes, songs and sketches that often go beyond the pale, in all the best ways.

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And whether or not your date thinks so may say a lot about how far your relationship will go.

Is it gonna be all tease, or will they reveal their whole self?

I’m equal opportunity.” Regarding his immigration status, Pierre worries of a Donald Trump administration: “Hey, listen, all my papers are in order. On a given night, guests might find Fannie Spankings spoofing Mother Mary or Joan Jett, or Peggy Tulane appearing as downtrodden former First Lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Show themes — based on season — can include everything from Broadway musicals to Hollywood horror. Now, I might be partial since she’s my wife, but seeing Mother Mary play a bong like a sax is just good fun.

But chances are, the average burlesque-goer isn’t a supermodel or a movie star — and neither is the average performer.

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